Power flushing

We know that you want to get the most out of your central heating system. One way to help ensure you are is power flushing, which will flush out clogs and muck from your system, leaving it in better condition.

Our power flushing services are available across London, and all at competitive prices. If you’re interested in a power flushing service to help improve your heating system, get in touch.

What is power flushing?

Power flushing is really very simple. It is essentially the process of using a machine to push water, mixed with cleaning chemicals, through your central heating system. This is done at a high pressure, so that it will dislodge blockages, clear away sludge, and make your system nearly as good as new.

If you’ve ever put sink unblocker down your kitchen sink, think of power flushing as the nuclear version of that, but for your central heating system! The chemicals in the water will get rid of the muck, and new, clean water will replace it in the system. What’s the end result of all of this? A nice, clear system with better circulation that works much more effectively and efficiently.

Power flushing in London

If you’re in London or the southeast and need a power flushing service for your central heating system, we’re here to help. Using the industry’s top standard equipment to carry out power flushing, and making use of the best performing cleaning chemicals, we’ll make sure your central heating system is given a thorough clean.

Our friendly team are industry veterans, and will be able to carry out the service quickly and efficiently. We’ll do everything we can to minimise disruption, and get your central heating system in tip-top condition as quickly as possible.

Quick questions

What problems can bad circulation in my central heating system cause?

Bad circulation in a heating system can cause a number of problems, which might eventually make you a bit uncomfortable, especially in cold weather! For instance, bad circulation can mean that some radiators, or even all of them, won’t heat up. Radiators may only partially heat up too, leaving you with sub-standard heating, which can feel as bad as no heating in winter. It is particularly important for elderly or vulnerable people to have access to functional heating.

What warning signs should I look out for?

Thankfully, there are some warning signs to look out for that may indicate whether you’re in need of a power flushing service. If your radiator water is dirty or discoloured, requires frequent bleeding or your radiators don’t heat up properly, you should speak to a professional about power flushing. You should also consider power flushing if your boiler is making noises similar to those of a kettle.