Thermostat installation

A thermostat is an important component in any modern household, helping you regulate the temperature in your home and keeping you comfortable. With Gas Certification, you’ll benefit from an experienced thermostat installation service in London or the southeast. Just give us a call to book your installation!

Choose the right thermostat

Knowing exactly what kind of thermostat to choose isn’t necessarily straightforward, and most people don’t know a whole lot about thermostats. That’s understandable! And exactly where we can help.

The kind of thermostat you need will partly depend on the kind of heating system you have. For instance, line voltage thermostats are used in cases where your home is heated by electricity. Conversely, if your home is heated by a central furnace, boiler or similar, you’ll need a low voltage thermostat. These are the two types of thermostat, but different thermostats have different functionality too.

Once you know if you need a line voltage or low voltage thermostat, depending on your heating system, you can pick a type of thermostat based on functionality. There are three major options that are most common.

  • Manual thermostat. This is a thermostat that is cheap and reliable, but is not programmable or WiFi connected. They are still very common, even today.
  • Programmable thermostat. This is a thermostat which can be programmed to adjust the temperature at different times of day, for example, to turn the heating off while you’re out at work or school.
  • Smart thermostat. Most smart thermostats are WiFi enabled, and are called smart because they can proactively adjust the temperature based on whether it can sense activity or not. They can often be controlled via an app or by voice, and are generally the best option available.

Any of these options might work for you; however, if you have a manual thermostat, or even a programmable thermostat, it would be a good idea to consider upgrading. There are many advantages to getting a better thermostat installation, and especially a smart thermostat installation. It can make life much more convenient, and even help you save money by having more efficient heating regulation.

Fast and affordable thermostat installation

Thermostat installation is important to get right. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, it’s always better to get a qualified professional in to carry out the installation. And we think we can offer you the best service out there!

We’ve had years of experience in home energy services, from boiler repairs to thermostat upgrades. If you need a thermostat installed, give us a call and we can discuss your options. We can explain to you what thermostat models would be suitable for you based on what you tell us, and can recommend something that’s right for you.

When we carry out the installation, we’ll call beforehand to help you plan, and will carry out the installation as quickly as possible to make sure your day is not disrupted too much. When we’re done, we’re convinced you’ll be satisfied with your new thermostat!